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Craft Code is a considered and conscientious response to the commodification of coding. Our current focus is on web development.

Craft Code values careful, elegant, intentional, bespoke design. Craft Code shuns one-size-fits-all assembly-line work and endless configuration.

We recognize human beings as central to labor, both as creator and consumer. Our goal is to return the machine to subordinate status.

An excellent exemplar of the Craft Code approach at work is the Craft Code site itself.

Craft Code is not intended for enterprise environments. Its applicability there remains untested but might surprise us.

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Less is more.Bespoke is better.Configuration is tedious.Craft is its own reward.

We use Craft Code to build small and medium web sites and applications. Our approach is for web developers who love the craft of exquisite web development.

And it is not restricted to web development. Any kind of coding can be Craft Coding, and often should be.

We have AI-driven low- and no-code web applications. We have overly-complex and abstract enterprise applications. Craft Code proposes a third way: simple, hand-crafted, state-of-the-art code.

We want to help others to embrace the Craft Code way. Weʼre building the ScratchCode Academy for those who want to learn craft coding from scratch. No experience or coding knowledge required to get started!

We plan to debut the ScratchCode site by the end of 2023. Weʼll keep you posted. (Given our record of guessing when, figure late March?)

Our approach to teaching follows the bespoke Munat Methodology. This is a technique for just-in-time, real-world learning from the folks at Paperhat.

We welcome fellow travelers! Consider joining us. You can subscribe to our newsletter, express support, or climb on board. Or contact us with suggestions, questions, critiques, or angry threats.

Itʼs going to be a fun ride.

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