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Diversity policy

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a set of protected characteristics. The intent is to safeguard individuals who fit into one or more of these categories. The nine characteristics are:

  1. Age
  2. Disability
  3. Gender reassignment
  4. Marriage or civil partnership
  5. Pregnancy and maternity
  6. Race
  7. Religion or belief
  8. Sex
  9. Sexual orientation

We at Craft Code find these characteristics too limiting. What about economic class? Or does that fall under disability? What about criminal convictions? If you have paid your debt to society, should we continue to punish you? If so, then what do we mean by “paid your debt”?

It is a bit sad that anyone feels the need to list categories at all. Doesnʼt that imply that any group not listed is fair game? What about hair or eye color? What about native language? What about physical attractiveness? Manner of dress?

Rather than list characteristics, we prefer to state when we will discriminate.

We do not care at all how you self-identify. Thatʼs your business, not ours. You might be a furry. Or a nihilist. Or a professional tiddlywinks player. Or a creative anachronist.

We donʼt care. Weʼre serious: have at it.

Neither do we care where you were born, or what language you speak. We do not care if you are old or young, big or small, beautiful or butt ugly.

We do care how you treat others. If you treat others with empathy, compassion, and kindness, then welcome to Craft Code! If you do not, then we invite you to get lost. Please. There is no room here for antisocial jerks. Or overgrown infants.

Letʼs all try to be mature adults then.

Have a legitimate neurodivergent condition that sometimes hinders your ability to be social? No worries, then. We can work with that.

But we reserve the right to ban anyone who refuses to play nice. And we will be the judge of that.

The Craft Code community is a laid back, informal community of people who love craft coding. A community of people who want to engage with others who feel the same way. If thatʼs you, then welcome aboard.

Feel free to use our feedback form if you think we missed anything or got something wrong.

Note: You must meet legal minimum age requirements for your locale to take part here. So thereʼs that.

Questions? Take them up with us using the form below.

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