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Our form-handling software seems to have fallen right over. We logged the problem, and will look into it ASAP! Our apologies for the trouble.

To be clear: your feedback was not received.

This is an automated process: no human has seen your submission yet.

“Sheʼs no fun! She fell right over!”

You might use your browserʼs back button to return to the feedback form where you can try again.

Or try again later. Please send an email to coder at if your issue is urgent.

If you do email us, then please put [FORM FAILURE - FEEDBACK FORM] in the subject line.

We are very sorry for this hassle and will try to correct the problem ASAP. But please do keep trying. We canʼt fix bugs or implement new ideas if we donʼt know about them.

Thank you, as well, for your effort to help.

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