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bespoke code
Bespoke code is code that is made by hand for a specific purpose. It is often re-usable, but it is generally not highly-abstracted. Compare with commodity code.
boilerplate code
In computer programming, boilerplate code, or simply boilerplate, is code that you find yourself writing over and over again. An example might be the DOCTYPE, <html> element, <head> element and its contents, and the <body> tags.
Often, we use templates to avoid having to type the boilerplate code repeatedly. Frameworks such as Astro will also automatically generate most of your boilerplate code.
Source: Boilerplate code
An Internet bot, web robot, robot, or simply bot (an abbreviation of robot), is a software application that runs automated tasks (scripts) on the Internet, usually with the intent to imitate human activity, such as messaging, on a large scale.
An Internet bot plays the client role in a client-server model whereas the server role is usually played by web servers.
Source: Internet bot
In software engineering, a bottleneck occurs when the capacity of an application or a computer system is limited by a single component, like the neck of a bottle slowing down the overall water flow. The bottleneck has the lowest throughput of all parts of the transaction path.
Source: Bottleneck (software)
A Web browser or browser is a program that retrieves and displays pages from the Web, and lets users access further pages through hyperlinks. A browser is the most familiar type of user agent.
Source: Browser

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