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Our server sent your request for recognition as a Craft Coder to us at Craft Code. Thatʼs outstanding! Thank you for helping to build the community.

Please click on the confirm button in the confirmation email. You should receive one shortly. This step is necessary to complete your enrollment.

Everyone loves connection.

Thanks much for your support! We will create a community of craft coders as our rolls grow. Stay tuned. There is so much more to come.

If your request to join expects a personal response, then we will do our best to provide one. Of course, we will ignore spam, trolls, abuse, etc., and will ban offending email addresses. Who has time for that nonsense?

Did you check the box to sign up for notifications? If so, then we have added your email address to our notifications list. We will notify whenever you new content appears on the Craft Code site. Nice!

If you asked us to notify you, then you should receive a second confirmation email. Check your spam bin. You must click on the “confirm” button in that email as well to confirm that you want us to notify you of updates to the site. If you do not, then we will not notify you. Promise.

Two confirmations? Annoying, indeed. We are sorry to have to do it. But wow do people get angry when you send them, even by mistake, unsolicited email. We play it safe.

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