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Your inquiry has gone missing.

We got your form submission. But we could not find an inquiry. Without an inquiry, we have no way to respond.

Our stubborn server refused to proceed without an inquiry. We did not receive your submission.

This is an automated process: no human has seen your submission yet.


Please use your browserʼs back button to return to the media inquiry form. Then add your inquiry and re-submit the form.

Or send an email to coder at if you believe that you received this message in error. You can also use our feedback form.

If you do email us, then please put [MISSING INQUIRY - CONTACT FORM] in the subject line.

We do want to hear from you, so we hope we can get this straightened out. If we have somehow screwed this up or there is something that we could do better, then please do let us know.

But please donʼt give up! We want to reach as many craft coders as possible to provide support and to let them know that they are not alone. Publicity is essential.

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