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Our methods

These eight methods are the keys to creating Craft Code.

Make it sustainable

There is so much more to web development than code. To do it well, make it sustainable and embrace universal design.

Keep it simple

Do not needlessly multiply entities. Or as we Craft Coders prefer to say: no gratuitous nothing. Make every line of code count.

Plan properly

When we forget the Seven Ps, we doom ourselves to failure. Plan carefully before you begin to practice. It will be time well spent.

Use the least power

Never use a back hoe where a simple shovel will suffice. Avoid hasty abstractions. Be wise, not wasteful. You wonʼt regret it.

Code just in time

As a wise young fellow once said to us: never write a line of code until you have to. The patient programmer wastes less.

Do it right the first time

Practice makes permanent. Everything we do is practice to our brains! Best then to practice doing things well than to do sloppy work.

Make intentions clear

All code is a conversation between one developer and the next. That next dev might be you. Show some respect. Be clear and unambiguous.

Minimize cognitive footprint

Cognitive footprint is the sum of cognitive load over time. Take a long look down that road before you decide to travel it.

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