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Privacy policy

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We collect personal information from you only when you use our forms. This may include your:

We collect your personal information to:

We do not collect or use your personal information for any purpose other than those given above.

Providing this information to us is optional. We do not share your information with other parties. Ever. If you do not enter contact details, then you will not receive communications from us. It is up to you.

If you do provide personal information, then we keep it safe. We do so by storing it securely online. These data are accessible by the server and our web developers.

That said, we presume that the employees of the online data services can access the data as well. Currently, we use two services.

One is Mailerlite, which maintains lists of subscribers (name and email address). The other is Postmark, which is used to send form submissions to us via email, but does not retain the content.

You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we have of yours. We will make any corrections you desire or delete your information at your request. If youʼd like to ask for a copy of your information, or to have it corrected, please contact us.

Secure server

We serve the site using Transport Layer Security (TLS). This encrypts communications between your browser and our server, ensuring your privacy.

Use of TLS is the current industry best practice and helps to ensure both your privacy and your security.

We also have a Content Security Policy (CSP). We run a suite of automated tests to ensure that our site follows the latest best practices for security. Although there are no guarantees, we do our best to make as safe and secure as possible.

Privacy by Design

We do our best to follow the seven Privacy by Design principles:

  1. Proactive not reactive; preventive not remedial
  2. Privacy as the default setting
  3. Privacy embedded into design
  4. Full functionality — positive-sum, not zero-sum
  5. End-to-end security — full lifecycle protection
  6. Visibility and transparency — keep it open
  7. Respect for user privacy — keep it user-centric

Our thoughts

We donʼt get why so many people want to spy on others.

We do get why big, sociopathic organizations want you to think that your data belongs to them, not you. Then they monetize that data for their own benefit. And, no matter what they say, to your detriment. Itʼs because they suck.

You heard it here first. is a craft operation, not a giant, soulless corporation. We are so small that there is almost no “we”.

Our only interest is conversing with you. We donʼt and wonʼt sell anything to anyone. Heck we operate this site at a loss. Which makes it a win for everyone. Except them.

Hope that helps.

Questions? Want to delete your data? Need help? Please use the form below to contact us with the specifics.

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